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School Uniform Supply

Choosing your school uniform supply and manufacturer is a big decision.

Allow us to help you.

Northland School Wear are experts in the manufacture and school uniform supply: from your school uniform needs through to sportswear and team requirements, our uniform services are personalised, fully managed, easy to follow and best of all, SIMPLE!

We work hard to ensure your uniform supply needs are met with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of care. We will manage every detail for you, from embroidery and screen printing through to sizing and patterns, presenting a complete solution on time and within budget.

School Uniforms

Unhappy with your current supplier? Changing your uniform design? Looking for the best service at a competitive price? Whatever your reasons for contacting us, you will find our school uniform supply service thorough, experienced, professional and helpful. We make every effort to understand your needs so that your end product will be exactly what you require; a quality uniform with outstanding service and —competitive pricing!

Sports Uniforms

For schools, teams, local clubs, and national levels: we understand your needs and we deliver the best results. Our sports uniform supply service is quick and easy, and will be managed from start to finish.

Club Uniforms

Encourage team spirit with our club uniform supply service. Our simple uniform supply set-up offers you an easy, intuitive process – and of course, we’re right here whenever you need to chat! Keep your club looking and feeling great with Northland Schoolwear.

You’ll find the uniforms at Northland School Wear are as hardworking as we are – we hand-select our materials to ensure they’re fit for use; and after many decades within the industry, we really are experts in our field! For advice you can trust, and uniform supply you can rely on, look no further.

Northland School Wear: simple process, outstanding service, quality products.